Winter to Winter

by Boxers Jaw

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A lot has happened since I wrote this album but the songs remain relevant to me. I was at a bar in Rockland called the Banner seeing some friends play covers and talking with people outside. I herd everyone talking about the scene, the shows, this band, that band, all of the new releases, and I just felt sick to my stomach. Ever since I was a kid I've had this never ending feeling of falling behind and never being good enough. That perpetual C team feeling that never really goes away. I left that night, drove home, and wrote this EP alone. I recorded the first demo of the album all in one night. It was gritty, angry, some kind of fun but lonely, and though I had created something that actually made sense to me, the daunting silence and emptiness of the studio crept in. Maybe its supposed to be romantic or nostalgic to be some kind of fucked up, hidden artist dying in front of a microphone but to me that all sounds awful.

Later on down the line Lauren Moved to Texas. She had been playing trumpet in the band for a while and things were going good but Texas was her only way out I think. I'm sure most of us would take any opportunity we could to get the fuck out of the south shore but I'd venture most of us would be too scared. Much Respect to Lauren Davis. We miss you.

Sean left sometime in all that too. I don't think either of us knew what actually happened or why he doesn't play drums for us but either way he's not really around anymore. I believe he's playing in some punk band with someone playing somewhere. We miss him too.

Luckily Justin stayed in the band, and Nick Grisolia joined later on too playing the upright bass. As a three piece now we decided to revisit these 5 songs and give them a new life. They were recorded in the barn once again but with clarity, Nick's precision, and lots of iced coffee.

thanks to everybody thats stuck around, all the people who tell us good job after we play, and to all of the cool people who will find this EP and think it's nice.

We believe as a band that EP is the truest representation of what we do and who we are as a band at this time. Perhaps it will change. Who knows. Thanks for everything.



released June 1, 2017

Brian Huntress - guitar
Nicholas Grisolia - bass
Justin Arena - drums

recorded, mixed, and mastered by Nicholas Grisolia



all rights reserved


Boxers Jaw Rockland, Massachusetts

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